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Underwater freeze tag is for experienced swimmers who can go underwater.


  • A swimming pool

  • Goggles / Mask to see underwater

  • Friends to play with

  • Adult supervision


How to Play

Make sure all players are comfortable swimming underwater safely! If you are playing in a large pool, it might be a good idea to create boundaries of where players can go (such as only playing in the shallow end).

Choose someone to be "it." They count to 10 then try to tag other players. Other players swim away and try not to be tagged.

If you are TAGGED you are FROZEN in that spot. You can't move until you are UNFROZEN. Stand there with your legs apart.

To UNFREEZE a FROZEN player, another player must swim under their legs. If you are FROZEN and another player swims under your legs you are UNFROZEN and can swim away from the "it" player again. If your teamates are FROZEN try to swim under their legs to UNFREEZE them without being tagged by the "it" player.

Once ALL players are FROZEN the round ends and the last person tagged is "it" for the next round.

WARNING: Never go swimming alone! Make sure you have adult supervision when you go swimming for safety reasons!

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