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  • What is a Zoo Ranger?
    A Zoo Ranger loves animals and has been chosen to be a special member of Bunaboom Zoo. They are assigned to a specific habitat to be a friend of the animals in that habitat. Bunaboom Zoo is a magical zoo where animals have been taught how to use computers. As part of their education, they write letters every couple of weeks to send in the mail to Zoo Rangers.
  • What types of subscriptions are there?
    For each Zoo Ranger, you have the option of selecting EARLY READER or YOUNG READER. And these can be changed or updated from your account. EARLY READER is recommended for ages 6 and under. These letters are shorter and simpler with a larger font making it easier to read. YOUNG READER is recommended for ages 7 and up. These letters are aimed at kids who can read at a second grade level+ with occasional bigger words to learn. CLICK HERE for samples of each. If you do not want to purchase an individual subscription for multiple children, we offer a discounted FAMILY SUBSCRIPTION which allows each child to have their own letter, but are sent in one envelope. COMING SOON: We have plans to eventually expand to offer letters that are tailored to a specific religion, cursive writing, and other languages.
  • Can I order more than one subscription?
    You can order as many different subscriptions for as many children as you like, but each process is done one at a time. As long as you use the same email during the purchase process each of the accounts can be managed from your one single account within the Zoo Rangers login / member area. Remember to choose a different habitat when signing up multiple children so they do not receive identical letters. If you prefer to save money, rather than having an individual subscription for each child, we offer a family subscription with unique letters for each child, but all sent in one envelope.
  • What if my child has siblings or friends who are also Zoo Rangers?
    All Zoo Rangers subscribed to the same habitat will receive the same letter. If your child has siblings or friends who are subscribed, we recommend choosing a different habitat in order to get a unique letter. There are 14 total habitats to choose from. Events happen in real time, so while each habitat sends a different unique letter, they all talk about the same event(s) at the zoo, just from different perspectives.
  • How do I subscribe?
    1. Click SUBSCRIBE from the menu 2. Choose a habitat 3. Enter the child's name (as it will appear in the letters) 4. Enter the child's birthdate (the animals will send a birthday card) 5. Choose between EARLY READER (recommended for ages 6 and under) and YOUNG READER (recommended for ages 7 and up) 6. Click "Subscribe Now" 7. Enter shipping details (the address the letters will be mailed to) 8. Enter credit card information 9. Click "Place Order" to complete the process (with a promo code if you have one)
  • How do I redeem a gift card?
    Yada yada yada...
  • What should I expect after subscribing?
    When you sign a child up to become a Zoo Ranger, he or she will receive a letter in the mail every two weeks from one of the six animals from their selected habitat. The six animals of that habitat will take turns writing letters.
  • How do I change or cancel a subscription?
    You can log into your Zoo Rangers account anytime to make changes to your subscriptions, such as updating an address, changing a habitat, switching from early reader to young reader, and more. You can also use your account to cancel subscriptions anytime.
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