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Statue tag is a fun game that the animals play at night.


  • A flashlight (extra batteries just in case)

  • Night time

  • A safe place to play outside (or inside with lights off)

  • Dark clothes to hide better


How to Play

Identify any unsafe area or areas (such a near the road) that players must avoid. Also clear away any valuable things that could break or that you might hit or trip over while playing. Safety is important!

Determine who is "it" to start the game. That player starts with the flashlight.

Pick a safe spot for the player who is "it" to stand and a starting line in view of, but far enough away from, the "it" player. All other players begin on the starting line.

The "it" player stands with their back to the starting line. They shout, "READY, SET, GO!" and the game begins.

The goal of the players is to be the first to tag the "it" player. 

The "it" player cannot move. They stand in one spot and turn around ANYTIME to flash their light looking for players who are moving. If they see a player or players moving, call them out, and they must return to the starting line. If they are standing still, like a statue, and not moving, they are safe. Turn back around. Keep turn around searching for someone moving until one of the statues gets close enough to tag you. That player will be "it" for the next round. 

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