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Similar to regular spud, only you roll the ball instead of throw it.


  • A space to play

  • A ball to roll at players (soccer ball, basketball, dodgeball, kickball)


How to Play

One player is "it". Determine who will be "it" to start the game. That player starts with the ball. Each player begins near the player who is "it" – somewhere in the middle of the playing area.

The "it" player gives all other players a number. When ready, the player who is "it" throws the ball straight up high into the air and yells out a number. All players (including the "it" player) take off running as fast and as far as they can in any direction except for one. Whoever's number is called must get the ball and yell "SPUD!" Once you hear someone yell "SPUD" you have to stop and freeze like statues where you are at. Players are not allowed to move once "SPUD" is called.

The player who's number was called and now has the ball can take three steps in any direction. Then they must roll the ball at any player. Players cannot move their feet and must remain still. If the ball misses, nothing happens. If the ball rolled hits a player that player gets a letter. The first letter you get is "S" then "P" then "U" then "D" (like playing PIG or HORSE in basketball).  Once you have all four letters (S-P-U-D) you are out of the game.

The person who's number was called is "it" for the next round. They assign everyone a new number and begin a new round.


The game is over when only one player (the winner) is left.

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