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Sharks and minnows is a classic chase game in the swimming pool.


  • A swimming pool

  • Friends to play with

  • Adult supervision


How to Play

Start with one player who is the SHARK. They begin in the middle of the pool. The rest of the players are MINNOWS. They line up on one side of the pool at the wall/edge. 

If you are playing in a large pool you might want to create boundaries where players must stay (such as shallow end only). 

When the SHARK says "GO!" all the MINNOWS must try to swim across to the other side of the pool without getting tagged by the shark. Every MINNOW who gets tagged by the SHARK becomes a shark.

If any MINNOWS safely reached the other side of the pool, begin a a new round with ALL SHARKS starting in the middle and go again. Keep playing until there are no MINNOWS left. The very last player (MINNOW) to be tagged is the shark for the next game.

WARNING: Never go swimming alone! Make sure you have adult supervision when you go swimming for safety reasons!

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