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Players try to find as many things on the list as possible.



How to Play

You can play individually or make teams if you have enough people.

Find a nice safe space to play. Make sure all of the players know the boundaries so they know where they are not allowed to go during the scavenger hunt. If you are playing in a very large public outdoor area, such as a park or a forest, there should be an adult on each team.

Each player (or team) should have a list of the things to find and a digital camera to take pictures of the items you find. A mobile phone or a tablet that can take pictures works well.

Set a timer for 30 minutes and say, "GO!" Players (or teams) must return to the starting area when time runs out so keep an eye on your clock and set a timer on your phone or tablet.


After time is up and everyone is back, share the pictures of everything you found! The player or team that finds the most on the list wins the scavenger hunt! If more than one player or team finds everything on the list, the winner is the first one back with pictures of them all.

Good luck, have fun, and play safe!

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