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Players divide into two teams to race, moving in wacky ways.


  • A space to race

  • A list of wacky ways to race (below)


How to Play

Divide into two even teams. If there is an odd number of players pick one player on the team with fewer players to race twice. That will player will be first in line for their team, and then get back at the end of the line after they run the first race.

Determine a starting line and a finish line. Each team forms a line behind the starting line. On READY, SET, GO the first player in line for each team races to the finish line and then back to the starting line to tag the next player in line. This continues until every on your team has ran the race. The first team to finish wins.

But there's a catch! You don't get to run the race normal. You will race moving in different ways.

Each player on your team will move differently when they race. Here is a list of fun ways to race:

  • Run backwards

  • Hop backwards

  • Run with your legs crossed the whole time

  • Crawl

  • Bear Walk (hands and feet on the ground, knees do not touch)

  • Crab Walk (hands and feet with your back to the ground, chest to the sky)

  • Cartwheels

  • Somersaults

  • Hop like a frog

  • Hop on one foot only

  • Skip

  • Make up your own!

To be fair, make sure each team is using the same movements. One person on each team is chosen to run backwards. One person on each team is chosen to hop like a frog, etc. 

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