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A game of close-your-eyes tag in the swimming pool.


  • A swimming pool

  • Friends to play with


How to Play

Choose someone to be "it." That player must close their eyes and keep their eyes closed! The "it" player has to tag another player to make them "it" just like the game of tag. The "it" player must keep their eyes closed but they can call out, "MARCO!" Everyone who hears it must shout back, "POLO!" Once the "it" player can find and tag another player, that player is "it" for the next round.

All players must stay IN the swimming pool.

If you hear "MARCO" you must shout back "POLO" loud enough for the "it" player to hear. If you are already underwater you may not hear it to respond, but if you do hear it, you have to respond BEFORE going underwater to get away.

The "it" player cannot constantly repeat the word "MARCO!" You must wait at least 5 seconds before you can call out "MARCO" again.

If you are playing in a large pool, you might want to create boundaries of where players can go (such as only the shallow end).

WARNING: Never go swimming alone! Make sure you have adult supervision when you go swimming for safety reasons!

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