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  • Playing cards

  • A paper clip


How to do the trick

Separate the playing cards so that you have one red king and any four spades or clubs, to make the red king stand out. Arrange the cards so that red king is the middle with two black cards on each side.

Give a volunteer from your audience a paper clip.

Show the audience (and volunteer) the cards, then turn them around and ask them to put the paper clip on the red king.

They will put the clip on the middle card.

Now turn the cards around, and show them which card they clipped. They clipped one of the black ones on the end, NOT the red king in the middle!

NOTE: If it's easier for you to hold the cards, you can tape or glue the five cards together so they do not move. The trick will still work!

How does it work? What is the trick to make them clip the wrong card? There is no trick. It is an optical illusion. From one side the clip will appear to be on the middle card, but from the other side it will look like it's on the end.

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