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Invisible bottle is for experienced swimmers who can go underwater.


  • An empty water bottle (or 2-litter bottle)

  • Goggles / Mask to see underwater

  • A swimming pool

  • Friends to play with

  • Adult supervision


How to Play

A clear water bottle (or 2-liter bottle) filled with water will sink in the pool and become almost invisible. Make sure the bottle is clear and labels are removed. The lid is also removed and not used. Simply fill the clear bottle with water and you are ready to begin.

Choose one player (or an adult nearby who is not player) to be the one who throws the water bottle into the pool. ALL other players should start out of the pool, turn their backs, and close their eyes. Once the bottle is thrown into the pool and sinks, the person who threw it yells, "GO" and everyone can open their eyes, turn around, then jump into the pool and try to find the bottle. The first person who finds and gets the bottle wins!

WARNING: Never go swimming alone! Make sure you have adult supervision when you go swimming for safety reasons!

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