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Ghost in the Graveyard is a fun game that the animals play at night.


  • Flashlights (extra batteries just in case)

  • Night time

  • A safe place to play outside (or inside with lights off)

  • Dark clothes to hide better


How to Play

Make sure all of the players know what the boundaries are. All players must stay in-bounds while playing the game. Whether you are playing outside or inside, identify any unsafe area or areas (such a near the road) that players must avoid. Also clear away any valuable things that could break or that you might hit or trip over while playing. Safety is important!

Determine who is "the ghost" to start the game. That player will turn their flashlight off and hide first.

Pick a safe place to be "base." Base is where players who are NOT the ghost will start and where they need to reach when the ghost is found.

The ghost runs to hide. All players turn off their flashlights and close their eyes, then count to a number players decide gives the ghost enough time to find a hiding place. It could be 20 or 50 or more depending on how big your space is. If you are playing indoors, base could be in a different room than where the ghost is hiding.

After counting, each player opens their eyes and turn on their flashlights. They must now try to find the ghost who is hiding somewhere in the dark. The player or players who find the ghost shout out, "GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD!" and run to the base. All players run to the base when they hear "GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD!" If the ghost tags a player before they reach base, that player is the ghost for the next round. If the ghost does not tag anyone, the LAST player to reach the base becomes the ghost.

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