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Players try to find as many different colored things as possible.


  • A space to play

  • A timer

  • A box of crayons for each player (or team)


How to Play

You can play individually or make teams if you have enough people.

Find a nice safe space to play. Make sure all of the players know the boundaries so they know where they are not allowed to go during the color hunt. If you are playing in a very large public outdoor area, such as a park or a forest, there should be an adult on each team.

Each player (or team) should have a box of crayons. We recommend a box of 16 crayons, but you can use any size box. The more crayon colors you use the more options for finding things you have. Each team should have the same sized crayon box.

Create a starting area where players (or teams) can place items they find.

Start a timer for 30 minutes. On "GO!" players (or teams) must go out and search for things that match the colors in your crayon box. These items have to be things you can safely carry and bring back with you. Set them down in the starting area next to the matching crayon color. 


The game is over when someone finds a match for all of their crayon colors and wins, or if time runs out, the winner is the player (or team) with the most color matches already in the starting area when the timer goes off.

Note: You cannot find things that are on you, or in your pockets, or a part of you, or made by you. They have to be things you go find and bring back.

Good luck, have fun, and play safe!

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