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Players try to be the first to guess what animal you are.


  • A space to play

  • A good imagination

  • Printer and Scissors (see step one below)

  • A hat (or box, or bowl)


How to Play

Step one is to PRINT OUT THE ZOO ANIMALS. If it helps, you can print out two copies of the animals and use one set as a reference that the guessing players can look at. Safely using scissors, cut out each animal you printed out (there are 84 zoo animals total). Fold them up and place them in a hat (or box, or bowl) and mix them up.

Decide who goes first (and second, and so on).

On your turn, draw a piece of paper from the hat (or box, or bowl). Unfold it to see what animal you picked. Do not let the other players see it. The animal you selected is what you must act out.

Pretend to be the animal you selected. You can move around, and even interact with other objects and players around you, but you CANNOT MAKE ANY SOUNDS!

The first player to correctly guess the animal you are wins that round and keeps the piece of paper with the animal on it.

Keep taking turns until everyone has taken two turns acting like an animal. Count up the number of papers you collected by being the first to guess, and the person with the most wins the game!

Put the papers back in the hat (or box, or bowl) and play again!

Remember to save the paper cut-outs of the zoo animals to play another time in the future without having to print and cut them out again.

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