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Similar to volleyball, but with a balloon and no net.


  • Something to make a line on the ground (such as a jump rope or duct tape)

  • A balloon


How to Play

Divide into two teams (or play one against one). Create a line on the ground. You can use something like a jump rope or duct tape – anything that creates a line will work. Each team (or player) is on one side of the line. We recommend staying close to the line because you will need to hit the balloon over the line.

Decide who serves first. You will take turns serving. (A "serve" is the name of the first hit to start a round.)

The game is simple. You must hit the balloon over the line on to the other side. Teams (or players) hit it back and forth until someone scores a point. There are three ways to score a point:


If the balloon touches the ground on your side, the other team gets a point. You can hit the balloon as hard as you want, or as low as you want. Any type of hits of the balloon with any parts of your body is allowed. but you cannot hit anything but the balloon and you cannot hit the balloon with anything but parts of your body.


Each player can only hit the balloon ONCE with EACH hand while the balloon is on your side. Each player may hit the balloon once with your left hand and once with your right hand. You can hit the balloon as many times as you want with other parts of your body, such as your head, elbows, knees, and feet. If any player hits the balloon more than once with the same hand before the balloon crosses the line to the other side, the other team scores a point.

You must stay on your side. If any player crosses over the line to the other side, the other team scores a point.


When a point is scored, it is the other team's turn to serve. Each team alternates serves. And each player on each team must take a turn serving before the same player can serve again. The same person on your team cannot serve each time. The same rules above for scoring apply to the serve, therefor you do not have to get the ball over the line on the first hit of the serve as long as your team can get it across the line without letting it touch the ground or using the same hand twice.

The first team (or player) to score 10 points wins the game!

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