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Players try to knock over the other team's stuffed animal.


  • A space to play

  • Some balls to throw (soft ones that do not hurt if they hit you)

  • Two stuffed animals (or dolls, or action figures)

  • Something to put the stuffed animals on (upside down box or laundry basket)


How to Play

Divide into two teams. Each team has a stuffed animal (or doll, or action figure). Place your team's stuffed animal up on top of something that it can be knocked off of such as an upside box or laundry basket. Place your animals on opposite sides of the field, similar to goals in soccer. They should not be too far away. Players will need to stay on their side of the field to throw the ball, so setup your stuffed animals at a good distance that players can throw a ball and hit it from their side of the field.

And just like soccer, each team has one goalie. Only the goalie can be close to the stuffed animal to guard it. The goalie can block balls thrown at their stuffed animal, but the goalie cannot touch the stuffed animal or the item it is on top of or it is an automatic win for the other team.

Every other player collects balls and throws them at the other team's stuffed animal, trying to knock it down. Each team must stay on their half of the field. Similar to dodgeball, only players do not get knocked out of the game. 

You can play with as many balls as you have available, just be sure not to use balls that will hurt players when hit, or break things around the play area.

The first team to knock over the other team's stuffed animal wins the game.

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